A research project aiming to personalize reading and vocabulary practice in foreign languages

Towards Your
Personalized Textbook

Find interesting texts at the right difficulty

Unlike the generic texts that you can find in textbooks, personally relevant texts will motivate you to study more.

Our system continuously searches the net for texts based on your declared interests and history of past readings.

The texts are filtered based on a set of quality criteria. One of these criteria is difficulty, and with regard to it, the system aims to suggest texts in the zone of proximal development: not too hard to make you give up, but not too easy to bore you.

Read with seamless support for translations

Studies show that you learn best when the texts that you read are a little challenging. This means that in the ideal text you will still encounter words that you don't understand.

By using machine translation our system helps you obtain translations in any text with a simple click (or tap on touch-enabled devices).

The system also provides word pronunciation support. For some languages, e.g. Danish, this is very important.

Optimally practice your personalized vocabulary

Based on your past interactions with texts the system uses machine learning to create a model of your vocabulary knowledge. It then generates a variety of vocabulary exercises, some of which, even use the original context of the word because contextual learning works better.

Spaced repetition algorithms optimize your practice and frequent words are prioritized.

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Sep '20

👨‍🎓 A highschool in Rotterdam starts using Zeeguu in their language classes

Aug '20

Workshop about Zeeguu at EuroCALL 2020.

Jul '20

The beta-testers of Zeeguu reach 40'000 distinct words practiced within the exercises

Oct '19

The beta-testers of Zeeguu have reached 100'000 translations in their foreign language readings

Sep '19

👩‍🎓 A highschool in Amsterdam starts using Zeeguu in the French courses

Aug '19

Mircea talks about Zeeguu at EuroCALL 2019

Jan '18

Paper about Zeeguu accepted at CHI 2018 -- the top international conference on HCI

Sep '17

👩‍🎓 Students at the Language Center from the University of Groningen use Zeeguu in their Dutch classes

May '17

👩‍🎓 Students at the Gomarus College in Netherlands start using Zeeguu in their French classes

Dec '16

Zeeguu is online and ready to welcome beta-testers


The project has benefited from the contributions and advice from many people.
Some of them are listed here:
Mircea Lungu
Production, maintenance

Katrine Iversen
UI Modernization

Konstantina Argyropoulou
UI Modernization

Kristin Kallevik
UI Modernization

Feiko Ritsema
Topic Browser

Lars Holdijk
API Design

Dan Chirtoaca
Universal Multilingual Reader

Alexander Lukjanenkovs
Learner Feedback

Anca Lungu

Linus Schwab
Android RSS Feed Reader

Jeroen van Engen
Education Feedback

Mads Kristian Brodt Nielsen
Teacher Dashboard

Sybren van Vliet
Forgiving Exercise Feedback

Martin Avagyan
Language Exercises

Luc van der Brand
Universal Multilingual Reader

Jorrit Oosterhof
iOS News Reader

Karan Sethi
Knowledge Estimator

Pascal Giehl
Android Development

Simon Marti
Initial API and Chrome Extension

Wim Gombert
Education Feedback

Alin Balutoiu
Performance and Scalability

Jonathan Sparvath
Teacher Dashboard

Joël Grondman
Personalized Difficulty Estimator

Carlos Paz
Knowledge Dashboard

Johan De Jager
Translation Multiplexer

Ada Lungu
UX and Web Design

Niels Haan
Smartwatch Development

Vlad Turbureanu
Language Exercises


zeeguu.org is hosted in the Google Cloud Platform
Zeeguu uses many open source libraries and free APIs.
Some of them are listed below.
Online translation API

Our Favorite IDE

Web Development with Python

Internal API monitor